What are the classifications of explosion-proof walls?

There is a kind of wall that can withstand the pressure [...]
There is a kind of wall that can withstand the pressure of the shock wave during the explosion and limit the destructive effect of the explosion within a controllable range. It is generally used for military equipment and is used in combat troops for riot control and bomb disposal. This kind of wall is called an explosion-proof wall. So what are the classifications of explosion-proof walls? Do you know? Classification of explosion-proof walls: 1. Reinforced concrete explosion-proof wall 2. Steel plate explosion-proof wall 3. Steel explosion-proof wall and brick explosion-proof wall. The steel bars of the reinforced concrete explosion-proof wall are firmly tied at the intersection, and the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm; the depth of the thickened wall foundation buried underground should be greater than 1 m. The explosion-proof wall should be able to withstand an impact pressure of 3 MPa. Qiaoshi explosion-proof walls or other blocking facilities should be set between devices with explosion hazards and devices without explosion hazards, and around equipment with greater risks. Other names: explosion-proof wall, flood control wall, riot wall, Qiaoshi explosion-proof wall. The above is the classification of explosion-proof walls. I wonder if it is helpful to you? If you want to know more about explosion-proof walls, please come and consult us.  

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