Why is the swing screen able to screen with high precision?

The swing screen is a high-precision screening machine [...]
The swing screen is a high-precision screening machine that imitates manual screening. It highly imitates manual screening to make the material continuously and evenly screened. The swing screen has a square swing screen and a circular swing screen. The working principles of the two swing screens are basically the same. The working principle of the swing screen is explained below. 1. The working principle of the circular swing screen. Since the circular swing screen simulates manual screening, the material enters the screen surface and is evenly dispersed from the screen surface to the surrounding area. One side jumps slightly at a high frequency, and is regarded as a three-dimensional horizontal jumping motion. The small particle material enters the next screen surface. Since the large particles cannot be filtered out of this layer of the discharge port, the material completes the entire screening process. 2. The working principle of the swing screen block swing screen. After starting, it reciprocates back and forth under the action of inertia, so that the material on the screen surface jumps with the screen box in a directional manner. In this process, the material smaller than the screen surface diameter falls to the next layer through the sieve hole, forming a material with a screen surface diameter larger than the screen surface diameter. After continuous rolling and jumping, it is discharged from the discharge port to complete the screening work. Swing screening machine process. The raw material enters from the feed port, the motor swings on the whole machine, and the material runs in an elliptical track on the screen, and the size of each layer of the screen hole is different. In this way, there is a discharge port on each screen frame, coarse particles are filtered out from the upper screen, and fine materials are filtered out from the lower screen. After the work task is completed, the material can be effectively screened.

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