Metal Fence Net Classification

As we all know, Anping is the production base of metal [...]
As we all know, Anping is the production base of metal fence products. With the continuous improvement of guardrail net products, different types and different uses of guardrail net classification are listed. We will classify them one by one according to different needs. Metal guardrail net products are divided into: highway guardrail net, railway guardrail net, bridge guardrail net, stadium guardrail net, among which the guardrail net is divided into: double circle guardrail net, double-sided guardrail net, wave-shaped guardrail net, airport area guardrail net, triangular bend guardrail net, barbed wire protection net, etc., among which highway guardrail net and railway guardrail net are the main ones. Guardrail net is also called protection net, isolation fence There are many types of guardrail nets, which are mainly divided into the following categories: 1. Classification by region: Chinese guardrail net, European guardrail net 2. Classification by purpose: sports guardrail net, airport guardrail net, traffic guardrail net, municipal guardrail net, bridge guardrail net, factory guardrail net, community guardrail net, Garden fence, villa fence, etc. 3. Classification by structure: frame fence, three-bend fence, coil fence (double-ring fence), double-sided fence (double-sided fence), wave fence (Dutch fence, Belgian fence), blade barbed wire fence, barbed wire fence, etc. 4. Classification by surface treatment: plastic-dipped fence, plastic-dipped fence, electrogalvanized fence (cold-dip galvanized fence), hot-dip galvanized fence 5. Classification by material: cement fence, wire fence, steel wire fence, stainless steel fence 6. Classification by production process: welded fence, steel plate fence, iron fence, chain link fence, plastic steel fence The above is the classification of metal fences, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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