How to solve the problem of loose zinc steel guardrail

Reasons for the loosening of zinc steel guardrails: 1. [...]
Reasons for the loosening of zinc steel guardrails: 1. The column is unstable during installation, and the screws are not tightened when fixed. 2. Changes in the external environment cause the zinc steel guardrail to loosen, such as the loosening of the fixed position of the column, the screws used are not stainless steel anti-corrosion screws, and the corrosion of the screws will cause loosening. 3. Looseness caused by the external environment, such as strong external impact, the impact of typhoons, or human damage. Therefore, when we maintain the zinc steel guardrail, we must first observe which part of the guardrail is loose. Then, according to the external characteristics of the zinc steel guardrail, determine the cause of the loosening. Solutions: 1. Increase the stability of the column, increase expansion screws, increase L fixed angle code, and increase accessory screws. 2. Re-pour the concrete layer, and then replace the anti-corrosion accessory screws. 3. When we find that the steel bar is loose, reinforce it, because there are many cases of fooling the importance of the guardrail and then many accidents, which will cause losses at that time.

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