What is stainless steel wire filters High-quality Stain [...]

What is stainless steel wire filters

High-quality Stainless steel filter mesh features corrosion resistance. Resistant to acids and alkalis and high temperatures. Filtration performance is good long-lasting.

Application of Stainless steel filter mesh: sieved and filtered under acidic and alkaline environmental conditions. The oil industry uses nets for filtering mud. The chemical fiber industry uses it as a filter screen. If used in the electroplating industry, it is also used as a pickling net.

No matter what we use it for. Nets are also woven in plain and twill. There are different meshes.

Plain weave can weave up to 400 mesh. Twill weave ranges from 400 to 635 mesh. Dutch weaving can weave up to 3200 mesh.

When the Stainless steel filter mesh is packed, regular manufacturers use paper tubes, then cover them with waterproof paper, and finally put them in wooden boxes or trays. A relatively low mesh screen is in a waterproof woven mesh bag. The last one is in a wooden box. The sheet is covered with plastic film on the inside and a small wooden box on the outside.

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