Stainless steel water caps play a very important role i [...]
Stainless steel water caps play a very important role in many industries. Today, I will introduce to you the applicable industries of stainless steel water caps. Stainless steel water cap, also known as stainless steel filter nozzle, is welded by wedge wire and support rod. The water cap is composed of a water cap seat, a water cap cover, a trapezoidal screen tube with ribs and a guide tube. The central axis of the trapezoidal screen tube is provided with a flow valve cup which is fixed upside down on the water cap seat. The upper pipe wall of the pipe is provided with a plurality of holes, and a flow-through valve core that can float up and down is provided on the top of the guide pipe. By setting the flow rate, the number of circular holes, the aperture size and the gap distance of the trapezoidal screen, the water cap can meet various flow rate ratios of backwash and filtered water flow rates under different process conditions. Stainless steel water caps are suitable for industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, water purification, ion exchange systems, and household applications such as swimming pools, irrigation and water softening filters. Its application industries are power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metal and paper, food and beverage, agriculture and animal husbandry, health and swimming pools and so on. The stainless steel water cap is made of high-quality stainless steel raw materials, which has excellent high temperature resistance, high pressure and stable chemical properties, and is not easy to rust, wear-resistant and easy to use. It is an effective substitute for plastic water caps.

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