Chain plate conveyor in industrial production, pipeline [...]
Chain plate conveyor in industrial production, pipeline conveyor equipment is more and more recognized by people, a lot of industry will ordinary net belt conveyor into a chain plate conveyor, this is for a reason, because chain plate conveyor than other conveyor durable and easy to use, let's introduce the characteristics of the chain plate conveyor? 1, chain plate conveyor low energy consumption, the machine with the friction of materials for transportation, chain plate conveyor belt and body shell without friction movement. Under the condition of the same conveying capacity and longer conveying line, the power consumption of the machine is about 0.5 lower than that of the net belt conveyor. 2, low probability of failure, chain plate conveyor roller rolling on the guide rail, transport network chain and housing will not have friction. 3, high conveying efficiency, the material in the chain plate conveyor groove is a whole flow, so the smaller slot space can also transport a large number of materials, pipeline conveying equipment size is correspondingly small. Our strength is extraordinary, must be different, dozens of products sell well, stainless steel conveyor specifications complete, structural forms, we cooperate with a number of well-known enterprises, to win the value of the quality of speak! My company has rich manufacturing experience, the same quality of stainless steel conveyor our cost is reasonable, deep industry praise!

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