Various guardrails have the following characteristics: [...]
Various guardrails have the following characteristics: (1) Concrete road vehicles outside the road are deformed and deformed, and the overall shape is almost deformed and deformed. The guardrail is suitable for narrow road sections with narrow separation strips and relatively dangerous roads, but it is dangerous for vehicles. The damage and injury to the occupants are relatively large, and the cost is high. When driving, there is a lot of noise and pressure. The construction speed is slow, and the overall alignment is difficult to straighten. (2) The corrugated beam steel road guardrail has a certain rigidity and toughness, and is easy to replace and maintain when damaged, and has a good line of sight induction function, can coordinate with the road alignment, and has a beautiful appearance. When used in the divider, it can be used in conjunction with plant anti-glare to achieve the effect of beautifying the environment and road landscape. The construction process of the corrugated beam steel road guardrail is simple, the speed is fast, and the cost is low. At present, there are many manufacturers and construction units, and it is easy to choose. (3) The cable road guardrail has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and is suitable for scenic highways. However, the construction process of the cable road guardrail is complicated, the maintenance of the end column is difficult after damage, and the sight induction effect is poor, so it is rarely used. To sum up, for the road guardrail of the separation zone, under the condition that the width of the separation zone is allowed, the wave beam steel road guardrail should be selected, followed by the concrete road guardrail; for the roadside road guardrail, the wave beam road guardrail should be selected under general conditions. Concrete road guardrails can also be selected for dangerous sections.

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