【Suitable Size for You】The size of each raised garden b [...]
【Suitable Size for You】The size of each raised garden beds outdoor is 5.70 L * 3.0 W * 0.82 H (FT), 14.02 CF. A properly sized planter box is perfect for growing in a patio, garden, greenhouse, or anywhere you like. The combination of two pieces provides ample room to grow seedlings, small trees, fruits, vegetables, strawberries, potatoes, and other plants. 【Strong Connecting rods】In order to make the garden box more stable and the structure more complete, we added 4 connecting rods in the middle of the garden bed to keep the force balanced. Compared to other planting beds without rods or using thin iron as rods, our cylindrical connecting rods are more durable and have a long service life, maintaining the original shape of the garden bed even after many years of use. 【Innovative Soil Ventilation Holes】Creating a planting environment in a planter box outdoor is different from the natural environment, where soil respiration is vital. SR planter boxes outdoor raised are equipped with 48 sets of ventilation holes, which can simulate the natural growth environment, facilitate the replacement of fresh oxygen in the soil, and ensure the vigorous growth of plant roots. 【Thickened Material】SR galvanized raised garden beds are made of 0.6 mm thick galvanized layer of solid steel plate, which can keep in contact with soil for a long time and resist corrosion. The overall of planter raised bed is a more beautiful rectangular structure design, which can bear more pressure at the interface and is not easy to loosen.

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