Ferrous Metals: Those metals which mostly contains iron [...]
Ferrous Metals:Those metals which mostly contains iron.They have also a small amounts of other elements or metals also.Generally ferrous metals are magnetic.Ferrous metals are often used in construction, pipelines, and even the creation of tools.Ferrous metals give little resistance to corrosion.Examples of ferrous metals include:Mild steel – Used for general engineering and building purposesCarbon steel – Used for the creation of toolsStainless steel – A ferrous metal that resists rust due to the presence of chromiumCast iron – Used for vehicle engines, utility hole covers and cooking applicationsWrought iron – Typically used in gates and fences.Non-ferrous Metals:Metals which do not contain iron are called Non-ferrous metals.These metals are not magnetic.These metals give higher resistance to corrosion.Copper and aluminum are used for their ability to conduct heat and electricity.Examples of non-ferrous metals include:Lead – Used in pipes, fuels, paints and batteriesCopper– Used for wiring, appliances, and vehiclesSilver – Used for jewelry, cutlery, electrical contacts, and the creation of mirrorsAluminium – Used in vehicles, appliances, power lines and food packagingBrass – Used in screws, light fixtures, door knobs, as well as bath and sink fixturesGold – Has medical uses and is used in computers, electronics, and jewelry.

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