The stainless steel filter element is a particularly im [...]
The stainless steel filter element is a particularly important part in the filter, just like the role of the heart to the human being, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality filter element. Stainless steel filter elements are often used in the filtration industry, and there are many products in this form on the market. So how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel filter element? Below are some notable aspects.​ To identify the quality of the stainless steel filter element, you can first analyze the filter element pore size. The inferior filter element has relatively large pores and poor uniformity, which is very unfavorable for the filtering effect, and even causes the engine to wear prematurely. The quality of the filter element made of low-quality adhesives is usually affected, not to mention oil resistance, and it is not firm to use.​ It is a wise choice to carefully choose a high-quality stainless steel filter element of a regular brand. As mentioned earlier, you can observe the filter element hole and then carefully analyze the filter element material. Only in this way can finally choose a high-quality stainless steel filter element. The material of stainless steel filter element is generally 304, 304L, 316, 316L. Most of the raw materials are; perforated mesh, expanded metal mesh, sintered mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and other materials are the most ideal. Structure: flange type, threaded interface type is common. It is recommended that you consult in detail before purchasing, and provide a description of the use, and we will recommend a suitable stainless steel filter element for you.

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