Both ordinary barbed wire and razor barbed wire can be [...]
Both ordinary barbed wire and razor barbed wire can be processed into isolation nets to block and isolate the installation area, and at the same time have a better protective effect.   Ordinary barbed wires are generally installed by themselves when they are installed as isolation nets. The spacing and height are selected according to the particularity of the installation site and the needs for anti-theft or protection. It can be said to be a relatively broad installation method.   The razor barbed wire isolation net can be roughly divided into several situations. First, the spiral razor barbed wire is superimposed and fixed to form a "product"-shaped structure as a whole. However, the cost of such installation is relatively large. Good protection and barrier capabilities are used in the protection of military conflict areas. Of course, inspired by the welding net, welding the razor barbed wire into a mesh structure is also a relatively common protective device at present.   All the isolation nets are welded with razor wire. On the whole, they are all covered with sharp thorns, which have a good anti-climbing and passing effect. At present, the scope of application is mainly in prisons. Generally speaking, the proportion of razor barbed wire fences exported overseas is still relatively large, and domestic use is mostly for small-scale fences.   The main reason why the diamond-shaped welded razor wire is not suitable for ordinary users is that the price is relatively high. The average price per square meter reaches about 15 to 30 yuan, and this price is enough for us to use ordinary razor wire Install a small piece of the area away. Usually, if it is used as a fence, there is no need to increase the purpose of protection to the same level as a prison. It only needs to play a deterrent role in daily life.   The razor barbed wire isolation net rope has excellent characteristics such as beautiful, economical and practical, good anti-blocking effect, and convenient construction. At present, the razor barbed wire has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, and prisons in many countries. , detention centers, government buildings and other national security facilities.   The blade barbed wire isolation net is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate or stainless steel sheet to punch out a sharp blade shape, and the high-tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire is used as the core wire to form a barrier device. Due to the unique shape of the gill net, which is not easy to touch, it can achieve an excellent effect of protection and isolation. The main materials of the products are galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet.

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