The trench grid panels is a grid plate used on the tren [...]
The trench grid panels is a grid plate used on the trench. Its use is not to affect the drainage effect of the trench, nor to affect pedestrians walking on it. Since it has such an effect, what kind of product can be used safely? Now people prefer to use the trench grid plate made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has good drainage effect and outstanding weighing performance, which can completely guarantee the safety of pedestrians walking. FRP grating used as a drainage grid plate can meet the application requirements in structure. It is a grid-like plate with a certain opening rate. It can be used in the drainage site to clean up the sewage on the ground in time, so that it can Keep the ground clean and tidy, and make different types of products according to your needs. Features of use: Compared with steel with the same performance, the weight of FRP grating is only less than a quarter of that of steel, and even compared with aluminum, the weight of FRP is also very strong, which proves that it is also easier to install. For simplicity and convenience. From the point of view of strength, the strength of FRP grating is unmatched by plastic profiles, and to some extent, it has even surpassed aluminum and reached the strength effect of ordinary steel. In terms of corrosion resistance, FRP can resist the corrosion of various chemical substances, and has excellent resistance to various corrosive substances, ensuring that it will not be affected by the external environment. It does not need regular maintenance during use and is more convenient to use. . The fatigue resistance is quite good, and the grid has good elasticity. Working on it for a long time can relax the legs and back of the staff to a certain extent, making the work more comfortable and improving the working efficiency of the staff.

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