The applications for stainless steel wire mesh are virt [...]
The applications for stainless steel wire mesh are virtually endless. Because of its durability, versatility and ability to be used in many different industries, stainless steel wire mesh remains one of our most popular products. From crop protection to highway maintenance, let's take a deeper look at the many applications for stainless steel wire mesh.   Food Preparation and Processing   While we are known for our wire products, many of our customers are not aware that we also produce products for high quality wire baskets. While the importance of wire baskets may not be apparent to the average consumer, if you run a food preparation or processing company, the benefits of high quality wire baskets are obvious. Stainless steel wire mesh is also commonly used in the food preparation and processing industry for items such as grills, fry baskets and domed food covers.   Oil refineries and oil fields   Stainless steel wire mesh is ideal for use in refineries and oil fields because the process of refining crude oil involves exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures that can lead to other forms of metal corrosion. Whether refineries plan to use wire mesh for storage cabinets or oil filtration, stainless steel remains a premium metal for withstanding harsh refinery conditions.

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