Function and introduction of sidewalk roads

Sidewalk guardrails refer to facilities set up to prote [...]
Sidewalk guardrails refer to facilities set up to protect pedestrians from vehicles. Setting up sidewalk guardrails can also prevent pedestrians from walking on the sidewalk and affecting driving. sidewalk finger are those portions of a road separated from pedestrian traffic by curbs or guardrails and other similar facilities. Sidewalk guardrails are usually made of four materials: zinc steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and PVC plastic steel. The steel is usually welded into shape and then hot-dip galvanized, dipped in plastic, or sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Anti-rust treatment is carried out to enhance the guardrail's weather resistance and corrosion resistance. During installation, it is assembled using a weldless interleaved combination method, which is simple and convenient. Texin Guardrail Factory produces zinc steel, aluminum alloy, Road guardrails made of three materials, PVC plastic steel, have the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, exquisite appearance, and bright color. You are welcome to purchase and customize production on demand. Sidewalk guardrail functions: 1. Separation function: The traffic guardrail separates motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic, and separates the road longitudinally on the section so that motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians can travel in separate lanes. driving, improving road traffic and improving traffic order. 2. Blocking function: Traffic guardrails will block bad traffic behaviors and block pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles trying to cross the road. It requires the guardrail to have a certain height and a certain Density (referring to vertical columns), and a certain degree of strength. 3. Warning function: Through installation, the outline on the guardrail should be made simple and clear, warning the driver to pay attention to the existence of the guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, so as to prevent traffic accidents. So happened. 4. Beautiful function: Through different materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors of guardrails, harmony and coordination with the road environment can be achieved.

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