How to solve the noise of heavy vibrating screen

Heavy-duty vibrating screening equipment relies on the [...]
Heavy-duty vibrating screening equipment relies on the excitation force of a vibration motor or exciter to make the material move along a certain trajectory to achieve the purpose of screening and classification. Its own vibration will inevitably produce noise. The material will interact with the sieve plate during the screening process. Frequent contact will also produce a certain amount of noise. Therefore, when the vibration motor or exciter cannot be replaced, the only way to reduce noise pollution is to consider the material of the screen plate and other reasons. Specific measures to reduce the noise of heavy-duty vibrating screening equipment are as follows: Tighten all components on the vibrating screen, especially the screen plates that need to be replaced frequently, to avoid additional vibration due to loosening of individual components; Change the punched steel screen plate into a polyurethane screen plate or rubber screen plate with small elastic modulus and low impact noise of the anti-occlusion device; Add rubber plates to the side panels of the screen box, the feed inlet, the discharge port and the material receiving chassis, which can effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side panels and reduce radiated noise; Flexible web gears replace steel gears, that is, rubber elastomers are used on the webs of the gears to transmit torque to the bin wall vibrator and absorb the vibration caused by the gears; Use rubber springs instead of steel springs to reduce shock; Install a soft sound insulation cover outside the exciter; Damping treatment is performed between the inner and outer outer sleeves of the bearing. The rolling elements of the anti-blocking device bearing can be made into hollow rolling elements or damping materials can be added inside the hollow rolling elements. This can reduce the vibration of the bearing and reduce the noise of the bearing.

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