The gabion mesh structure has the characteristics of hi [...]
The gabion mesh structure has the characteristics of high strength, strong structural integrity and geological adaptability, water permeability, convenient construction and easy combination; because it is directly filled with natural materials, vegetation can grow after covering with soil, which can well realize engineering measures and natural The perfect combination of ecology improves the hydrophilicity of the bank slope; the cage steel wire is made of 10% aluminum-zinc alloy material, which has undergone special anti-corrosion treatment, and has a long service life and durability. At present, the gabion technology is used for slope protection in the management of small and medium-sized rivers mainly because it is beneficial to the maintenance and restoration of the ecological environment of the river. The ecological performance of the gabion mesh cage is mainly because there are certain gaps between the stones filled in the gabion mesh, which is conducive to the growth of plants, fish and other creatures, so that a good natural environment can be formed. Ecological environment system, help the restoration and development of the ecological environment of the river. Gabion mesh is a common material for water conservancy projects, river management, and ecological slope protection. Gabion mesh slope protection can not only protect the safety and stability of embankment bank slopes, but also realize the natural exchange of water and soil. At the same time, the plants in the gabion mesh can also grow naturally. The organic combination of engineering and ecological environmental protection!

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