358 fence is a kind of guardrail net. Another name is s [...]
358 fence is a kind of guardrail net. Another name is security fence, 358 fence, anti-climbing fence, anti-cutting fence or transparent vu fence. The most special specification of 358 protective net is its mesh size -76.2mm * 12.7mm. Of course, the smaller mesh makes the 358-mesh fence's anti-climbing and anti-cutting features even more glamorous. Typically, 358-mesh fences weigh about three to four times as much as other kinds of wire mesh, because dense wire requires more material than other kinds of wire mesh. It's not enough to use a good welding machine to produce a high-quality 358-mesh fence. You need a skilled welder. In order to control the speed of the machine and adjust the direction of the wire is very important. If the production speed is too fast, the welding wire will overheat, the need to manually proofread the wire can be correctly positioned. Resistant to climbing and clipping Because the 358-mesh fence mesh is dense, it is not easy to climb and cut, providing good protection. Powder coating The finish is smooth and aesthetically pleasing, not only for protection but also for sensuality, and the colours can be made to the customer's liking. Galvanized surface treatment Despite the relatively high price of this finish, it has a long warranty and has been well received by customers. Product Application It is very popular in the US market, Malaysia market and South Africa. Type 358 safety grid has good anti-corrosion properties, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy to install.

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