Chain Link Fencing galvanizing and plasticizing are mea [...]
Chain Link Fencing galvanizing and plasticizing are measures taken for corrosion protection of products. Galvanizing is a surface treatment process using galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing on the surface of hook mesh. Its anti-corrosion is the mainstream anti-corrosion treatment method for metal products at present. Galvanizing is divided into: electric galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, high hot dip galvanizing and so on, the anti-corrosion effect is enhanced. There is also a dip plastic treatment, one of which is plastic coated, refers to the surface of the wire using hot melt adhesion, water cooling cooling method of an anti-corrosion process. Plastic coated is divided into two kinds: PE coated and PVC coated. PE coated has a short service life, and PVC has a relatively good effect. However, both kinds of plastic coated are easy to aging, especially when exposed to the sun or high temperature, if used in water, the life is more lasting. Comparison of corrosion resistance between galvanized and coated In terms of anti-corrosion, the effect of hot dip galvanizing or high hot dip galvanizing is better than that of plastic-coated, but the effect of electric galvanizing is not as good as that of plastic-coated, even if the quality of PE plastic-coated inside is poor than that of electric galvanizing. Comparison of "appearance level" between galvanized and coated From the point of view of the ornamental surface, the color of plastic coating can be any color in principle, as long as the corresponding pigment is added to the plastic powder, so the bread plastic has great advantages in this respect, and galvanized is a kind of bright silver.

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