Stone cage net in the present ecological environment go [...]
Stone cage net in the present ecological environment governance and prevent natural disasters has a very important role. At the same time, it also played an important role in the construction of highways and railways. Because they can be used as guardrail to avoid the occurrence of tragic traffic accidents. It can also be made into box cage, net pad, for anti-impact protection of river dam and seawall, as well as reservoir interception cage. The natural disaster that rivers bring to people and nature is that the river washes the soil on the land, which will cause serious soil erosion. Moreover, the land is not suitable for growing crops, so the people nearby have no way to eat. The Yellow River in China is a case in point. Much of the Yellow River's sand is washed into the sea. Stone cage net is a very important tool to deal with this kind of problem. Below I will briefly explain the classification of the stone cage net. Welding stone cage net: welding stone cage net is a spiral mesh structure assembled by the way of welding. It is a stone cage net products. Folding and binding all the stone cage products, are an independent individual. The spiral binding wire is loaded into the box and shipped away. In order to ensure the quality, please put it in a dry environment. Stone cage cage, as the name suggests, is made of stone cage net into a box shape of the mesh structure. Stone cage cage in the construction site of the project has a very important role. For example, the construction team could use its hydrophobicity and softness to build a structure next to a river, so that it would be blocked when the water arrived. This has played a great role in a series of coastal defense projects such as preventing soil erosion and bridge protection. Of course, according to the division of the material and galvanized stone cage net, zinc aluminum alloy stone cage net, plastic coated stone cage net, the following is a simple introduction to galvanized stone cage net.  Galvanized stone cage net is a new process developed by scientific and technological research and development personnel in recent years.  Frankly speaking, it is a high precision galvanized process on the ordinary stone cage cage.  The stone cage net has a lot of flexibility after galvanized, so this can increase the use of a lot of aspects, because you can according to their own needs to carry out a certain degree of processing shape.  At the same time, this has a certain degree of rust prevention measures, because it contains the chemical original battery operating principle.  Using this network structure can also play the role of greening.  Because there is a large gap in the middle of the stone cage net, people can use the gap for the corresponding planting, so as to reach the role of fixed soil.  In this respect, the stone cage net products can also be used to protect the landslide has great use. Gabion mesh

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