Stainless steel wire in the process of use, if the seve [...]
Stainless steel wire in the process of use, if the severe impact will cause impact load, when the accumulation exceeds the allowable working stress, it will be pulled off, seriously shorten the service life of stainless steel wire. In addition, there are many details will pull the stainless steel wire, affecting the performance. Here, we summarize some influencing factors in detail. 1. In the process of use, if the lubricant is not replaced periodically, the line will be broken. Because in the process of drawing, some particles fall off and get stuck in the compression zone of the mold through the flow, causing line breaking. So the lubricant must be replaced periodically. 2, if the winding wheel clamp line, will cause broken line. When controlling the starting tension of the foundation, it is sometimes necessary to wind several lines on the fixed speed wheel. It must be wound carefully and not clipped. 3, if the mold machine size is not correct, it will cause the proportion of the normal compression ratio is confused, resulting in line breaking. So the mold must be absolutely correct. If the compression area is too small or short after a long time, it will cause line breaking. The solution is to improve the internal structure of the mold, so that the machine can be used after repair. 4, in the process of machine use, can not cut off the water or oil, otherwise it will cause broken line. The solution is to ensure that each mold has lubricant, to ensure its cooling and lubrication effect, otherwise the mold will run large aperture in a short time, and the compression ratio imbalance will bring the line break. 5. Because there are generally small problems in domestic mold materials, cracks and blocks are easy to occur in the drawing process, which will cause line breaking. The solution is to periodically remove the whole set of molds for inspection, repair, and then put into use. No matter which process, as long as the above reasons can be noticed, it can effectively reduce the rate of stainless steel wire breakage.

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