Stainless steel mesh has been deeply loved by people, i [...]
Stainless steel mesh has been deeply loved by people, its corrosion resistance characteristics are especially favored, stainless steel mesh surface flat light and will not rust, can resist bad climate. So, such a good product, must also have its special treatment, stainless steel wire mesh is through the heat treatment to have its characteristics. Heat treatment skills in the whole stainless steel net production process is also a key link, through the blasting welding of stainless steel net strength, hardness increases. Reduced plasticity is not conducive to subsequent straightening and application requirements. The process practice of heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress after blasting recombination. Progressive plasticity. But because the general stainless steel has their own solution treatment criteria. Inevitable and carbon steel heat treatment criteria conflict, such as ultra low carbon biphase 00Crl8Ni5M 3512, 00Cr22Ni5M03N in the 950Y below the longer stay easy to separate the brittle phase between Fe-Cr gold, which will severely deteriorate the plastic steel, intercrystalline corrosion resistance and other functions, The normal temperature of carbon structural steel is near 890Y, and the overtemperature heating for a long time will lead to coarse grains and decreased tolerance. Such a combination is particularly important in the selection of heat treatment temperature, holding time and cooling criteria. In addition, heat treatment criteria also has a great impact on the shear strength of stainless steel mesh, taking 1Crl8Ni8T1 16Mn stainless steel mesh as an example, when the heat treatment temperature is higher than 400 degrees, because the bottom grain is coarse, resulting in shear strength.

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