Horseshoe chain type mesh belt, also known as: Great Wa [...]
Horseshoe chain type mesh belt, also known as: Great Wall mesh belt, plate mesh belt, Great Wall mesh belt.   Great Wall mesh belt material: carbon steel, galvanized sheet, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304 Horseshoe chain: widely used in automatic line conveying in cleaning, high temperature machine, silk printing and dyeing, washing, paper drying, cooling of high temperature parts, food processing, heat treatment and other industries.   Performance characteristics of Great Wall mesh belt: 1. Large mesh gap, good ventilation and drainage, easy to clean and clean, smooth mesh surface and stable operation without deviation. 2. The use of various grades of stainless steel can achieve good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties. 3. It has satisfactory anti-cold shrinkage and anti-fracture properties at negative temperature and high temperature. 4. It has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, many specifications, convenient installation, stable and reliable operation through gear transmission, etc.

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