The river gabion net can also be used to guide the rive [...]
The river gabion net can also be used to guide the river water. The river generally flows along the inherent river bed. The river may have a naturally formed tortuous river. If a flood occurs, the water volume is infinite and the water flow is fast. Vertical movement will violently impact the original riverbed and dikes, and may divert the river, which will cause endless disasters.   In order to reduce the turbulent water scouring the embankment, lay gabion cages or gabion mats on the inner side of the embankment or the edge of the river bed. bed. The river water is in the tortuous river course, because it encounters gabion cages or gabion mats, the river water will turn, and the river water can be guided safely by flowing along the inherent river course. Galvanized gabion nets are also used in flood discharge dams and diversion dams to guide or restrain floods. Galvanized gabion nets, also known as Galfan gabion nets. The meaning of Galfan Galfan is GALvanization FANtastique-"an extraordinary galvanizing".   Galfan is a eutectic crystal composed of 95% zinc-5% aluminum-trace amounts of mixed rare earth elements. Galfan coating has high anti-corrosion performance, and the anti-corrosion performance of its products is about 2-3 times that of ordinary galvanized wire. Moreover, the ductility and deformability of the Galfan coating are extremely strong, even surpassing the internal iron wire, so there is no need to worry about cracking and falling off of the coating in the winding and bending test under any strong deformation. In addition, the Galfan coating also provides a perfect uniform phase surface, which is more conducive to other coating treatments on the surface of the gabion net.   Raw material of galvanized gabion mesh: It is processed from high-galvanized low-carbon steel wire, and the amount of zinc on the galvanized steel wire is about (245+5) grams

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