Cabinets are indispensable in the kitchen, and metal pu [...]
Cabinets are indispensable in the kitchen, and metal pull baskets are indispensable for cabinets, and metal pull baskets need to be operated with slide rails. As a kind of cabinet hardware, the quality of the slide rail determines the service life and quality of the basket. Therefore, you must be more careful when selecting and installing hardware such as slide rails, otherwise it will not only cause trouble in use, but may also cause some failures.   First of all, let's take a look at the types of cabinet metal pull baskets in the kitchen:   1. Drawer metal pull basket: As the name suggests, its shape is like a drawer, and it can be pulled out. The metal grid in the basket is dense, and cups, saucers, etc. can be placed.   2. Dish metal pull basket: The purpose of this pull basket is mainly to store dishes. Usually, this pull basket is integrated in the pull of the stove pull basket, and there is a water retaining plate under it, so as to prevent water from dripping onto the cabinet.   3. Stovetop pull basket: It is generally under the stovetop. This part is designed as a pull basket to store pots, pans and pans that are not commonly used.   4. Corner pull basket: If you want to put things in an orderly manner without wasting the corner space of the cabinet, you must use this corner pull basket. The large volume makes it easier to pick up things.   Know these types of baskets and choose the right cabinet basket slides.   1. According to the needs of your own kitchen cabinets, buy the right model   The purchase of cabinet hardware accessories must be matched with the cabinet. Therefore, the model requirements for accessories such as basket slide rails are extremely strict. The length of the slide rails and the requirements for the basket are key considerations. If the basket is to put very heavy things, you must pay great attention to the load-bearing capacity of the metal basket slide rails, and the approximate number of pushes and pulls that the slide rails can withstand under load-bearing conditions.   2. Internal structure   Inside the slide rail is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, there are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. The steel ball slide rail automatically removes the dust and dirt on the slide rail through the rolling of the steel ball, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the slide rail and will not affect its sliding function due to dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force to the surroundings, ensuring the stability of the basket in the horizontal and vertical directions.   3. Bearing capacity   The quality of the slide rail directly affects the load-bearing capacity of the drawer. You can check the load-bearing capacity of the basket by yourself by the following methods: pull out the basket completely, press the outer edge of the front of the basket with your hands, and observe the forward inclination of the basket from the side. The smaller the forward inclination, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the metal basket.   4. Pay attention to the structure and material of the metal basket slide rail   The most important thing for choosing cabinet basket slides is good load-bearing. Among them, the basket slides connected to the whole are the best, followed by three-point connections, and they must also have the characteristics of easy disassembly. For the basket slides, inferior materials have a fatal impact on the quality of the slides. When purchasing, you should carefully feel the slides of different materials with your hands, and choose the slides that feel solid, have high hardness and are relatively heavy. .   5. Field test   A good cabinet basket slide rail has very little resistance when pushed and pulled, and when the slide rail is pulled to the end, the basket will not fall off or fall over. You can also pull out the basket on the spot and press it with your hand , to see if the pull basket is loose and if there is a rattling sound. At the same time, where the resistance and resilience of the basket slide rail appear during the pull-out process of the metal basket, and whether it is smooth or not, you also need to push and pull it several times on the spot, and you can only judge after observation.   The metal basket can help us better store kitchen supplies. It is used very frequently, so we need to pay more attention to the purchase and installation of the basket slide rails to ensure the service life and safety of the basket. Mastering these relevant knowledge and skills is very necessary in our opinion.

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