Today, from the point of view of personal use, let’s ta [...]
Today, from the point of view of personal use, let’s talk about the reason why the triangular Y-shaped steel is very suitable for barbed wire fence posts. This kind of product is not favored in the large-scale expressway barbed wire isolation fence project. The reason is that I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s not beautiful enough? Or it’s because of something else... Never mind it’s because What, nature has its reasons, let's take a look at the personal benefits of using it. First, it is durable. The triangular Y-shaped steel pile is solid, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting and rotting from the inside out. This is much better than round or square tubes. Moreover, it is triangular and extremely difficult to bend. To put it bluntly, it is durable. Second, it is cheap. Triangular Y-shaped steel piles have a great advantage in price compared with other products. The same height and thickness are cheaper by 5-10 yuan in price. The surface freight is relatively cheap, not to mention that it will save a lot of money even if the quantity is large or small. First, the construction is simple. Regardless of whether the round tube square tube column is under construction, the pit must be controlled and pre-buried, but the triangular Y-shaped steel pile does not need to be driven in directly with a pile driver. If there is no driver, use Using a sledgehammer is also completely competent, which is much simpler than other products. Personal use of barbed wire fences is nothing more than convenience and durability, so the corner steel piles are very suitable for barbed wire fence posts.

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