First of all, we need to look at the mesh of the fence [...]
First of all, we need to look at the mesh of the fence net. Usually, the mesh is welded by iron wires of different specifications. The diameter and strength of the iron wire directly affect the quality of the mesh. In terms of wire selection, we should choose regular manufacturers. The finished iron wire drawn from the high-quality wire rod produced; the second is the welding or weaving process of the mesh. This aspect mainly depends on the skilled technology and operation ability between the technicians and the good production machinery. Usually, a good mesh is every Welded or braided points can be well connected. Some of the formal large fence netting factories in Anping use fully automatic welding machines to produce, while a small factory uses manual welding, and the quality is usually difficult to guarantee.   The second thing we should pay attention to is: the choice of the frame of the fence netting, some regular large factories use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel selected in different parts should also be different. The grasp of the overall plastic spraying process of the guardrail net, generally speaking, the overall product should pay attention to the uniformity of the plastic spraying, and the quality of the coating is also crucial.

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