A conveyor belt is a belt-like medium that transports m [...]
A conveyor belt is a belt-like medium that transports materials from one place to another. The drive belt is the medium that drives the drive wheel to rotate. The effect is different.   Conveyor belts, also known as conveyor belts, are rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products that are used in belt conveyor belts to carry and transport materials. Conveyor belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries where the conveying distance is short and the conveying volume is small.   Belt conveyors are widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industry to convey various solid block and powder materials or finished articles. The conveyor belt is easy to use, easy to maintain, low in freight, and can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the engineering cost, and save manpower and material resources.   As one of the most professional wire mesh manufacturers and suppliers in China, ShuangRun is characterized by good service and low price. Buy a conveyor belts from our factory with confidence.

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