Stainless steel mesh can be used as window screens, 60- [...]
Stainless steel mesh can be used as window screens, 60-mesh stainless steel screens, anti-theft nets generally use large wire stainless steel mesh, and plain stainless steel mesh can be used for filtering. Stainless steel mesh is generally applied to the filter cartridge, which can be a removable cylindrical device with the top and bottom of the cartridge closed and surrounded by filter media. Belonging to the deep filter, the specialty steel industry may have to rely on direct assistance, and the steel industry will also benefit if the local car rescue plan takes effect. And public project funding in the Economic Impact Plan will also affect demand for steel. The solid particles in the suspension are smaller than the pore diameter of the filter medium. Particle filtration is trapped and adhered to the wall of the dry pore by the friction and kneading effect of the slender tortuous pores in the filter medium and the fluid. 304 stainless steel wire mesh is a good choice for the anti-corrosion and rust resistance of 201 as the material of the filter. It is suitable for occasions where the particles in the suspension are very small and the content is very small, and the general solid content is not higher than 0.01%. Solid particles of 0.02~100um can be removed. It is mainly used to remove fine floating particles and colloidal substances that cannot be removed by ordinary sand filters, such as purification of drinking water. The particle size and material selected for the filter medium of the stainless steel filter mesh, our factory can customize the stainless steel mesh, is determined by the wastewater properties, size, filtration degree and other factors of the particulate matter particles to be filtered out. Commonly used filter materials are quartz sand, garnet particles, anthracite particles, magnetite particles, etc. Among them, quartz sand is generally used. The mechanical strength of the sand is high, the relative density is about 2.65, and it is chemically stable in the acid wastewater with a pH of 2.1-6.5. However, when the waste water is alkaline, there is a phenomenon of falling out. At present, marble and limestone are generally used instead of anthracite. The chemically stable quartz sand is good, and it does not melt out in any environment. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is poor, and there is no sense of origin. No, generally 1.4-1.9. Multi-layer filter materials are often used for high-density materials, among which the relative density of garnet and magnetite is about 4.2, and the grass’s hardness is about 6. For the filter medium of wastewater containing colloidal substances, coke with adsorption effect, ancestral bone charcoal, anthracite charcoal and other materials should be used.

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