The welding of steel mesh can be divided into the follo [...]
The welding of steel mesh can be divided into the following raw materials: cold-rolled ribbed wire mesh, cold-drawn ring-shaped welded steel mesh and hot-rolled ribbed steel welded mesh, among which, cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh is more commonly used, according to construction The grade, diameter, length and spacing of the steel bars divide the steel mesh into welded steel mesh and customized steel mesh. The application of steel mesh can increase the construction speed, and the steel mesh can save 50%-70% of the working time, which greatly speeds up the progress of the project and shortens the construction period. Before laying the steel mesh, the installation plan of the steel mesh should be determined. When laying the steel mesh, it should be combined with the actual requirements of the site. When the longitudinal reinforcement of the steel mesh is too thin. It can perform the bending and deformation function of the steel mesh. First, the middle and south of the welded mesh is bent upwards, so that the two sides can be inserted into the beam in turn, and then the steel mesh is flattened, and the two sides can be inserted into the beam in turn. , and then flatten the stencil. When the building steel bars are thick and the welded mesh is not easy to bend, 1-2 building steel bars can be welded on the top of the welded mesh, and then the two sides are inserted into the beams one by one, bound on site with straight rods to reduce the cross-section of the building steel bars, and attach Stainless steel wires should be bundled at the connection points of the building steel bars and welded mesh. The surface mesh of the two-way reinforcement of the ribbed welded mesh should adopt the flat lap method, and the length of the lap joint of the steel bar should not be less than 30d, but the net span from the edge of the beam is 1/4, which means that the lap joint of the steel bar is heavier, The steel bar specification should not be less than 250mm, and the cross-section building steel bars of each welded steel mesh should not be less than one, and the distance between two steel mesh pieces and cross building steel bars should be not less than 50, and the overlapping area of steel bars When the reinforced mesh sheet has no transverse reinforcement, the lap length of the reinforced mesh sheet should be 1.3 times the minimum anchorage length.

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