When carrying out construction in Holland, the construc [...]
When carrying out construction in Holland, the construction unit should accurately control the materials of various measures for the guardrail, especially the exact positions of various pipelines buried in the roadbed, and it is not allowed to cause any damage to public measures during the construction process. destroy. When the guardrail column is driven too deep, the column must not be pulled out for correction, and the foundation needs to be re-tamped (ben) before driving in, or adjusting the position of the column. When the construction is close to the depth, the hammering intensity should be carefully controlled. When installing the flange of the guardrail, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the control of the elevation of the top surface of the column. The fence net is a safety measure design project of the expressway and an important part of the surface quality of the expressway. The inherent quality of the anti-collision guardrail lies in the raw materials and processing process, and its external quality depends on the construction process. During the construction, we must pay attention to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, constantly sum up experience and strengthen construction management, so that the installation quality of the wave guardrail net can be guaranteed. . Holland Fence is made by extruding ethylene plastic and plastic profiles on the surface of welded mesh. It is made of excellent PVC and a large number of special additives. We use a unique formula with independent intellectual property rights and professional The production process makes the product compared with ordinary guardrails such as cast iron, wood, stone, etc., and has many advantages such as anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high strength, no rust, elegant appearance, long service life, and maintenance-free.

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