Stainless steel filter mesh can be used for the purific [...]
Stainless steel filter mesh can be used for the purification of medicinal liquid The stainless steel filter mesh is inseparable from the separation and purification of medicinal liquid and medicinal residue. The stainless steel filter is installed in the pharmaceutical equipment, and the dregs or particles can be separated by rotary centrifugation, or separated by sedimentation. After decocting the traditional Chinese medicine, most people think that everything is fine, pour the liquid medicine into a bowl and drink it, but it is not the case. After the traditional Chinese medicine is fried, in addition to filtering out the medicinal juice, there are still some processes that need to be completed in time. Strain while hot. Some people fear that it will be troublesome after decocting the traditional Chinese medicine. It is wrong to filter the traditional Chinese medicine after cooling down. After the traditional Chinese medicine is decocted, the liquid and the drug reach the concentration balance between the inside and the outside. As the temperature drops, the solubility of the drug will also decrease. Part of the active ingredients in the liquid will return to the dregs, and some active ingredients will condense into larger particles. The precipitate was filtered off when filtered. Therefore, in order to ensure the effective concentration of the liquid medicine, it should be filtered while it is hot. Do not throw away the dregs of the medicine. Some people throw away the dregs of the medicine at will after decocting the traditional Chinese medicine and filtering out the liquid medicine. Doing so can make the medicine less effective. Because the medicinal residue after filtering out the medicinal liquid is in a saturated state and contains higher active ingredients. Therefore, before throwing away the medicinal dregs, they can be wrapped with gauze and squeezed properly, so that the active ingredients can be completely separated and the effect of the medicine can be fully exerted. The stainless steel filter has the following advantages: food-grade material, no harmful substances will be separated under high temperature, non-toxic, clean and hygienic, easy to clean. High temperature, can filter medicine residue while it is hot Stainless steel filter screen commonly used to filter liquid medicine and medicine residue: Material: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Structure: flange type, basket type Structure specification: because the needs of each manufacturer are different, no matter what the specification can do.

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