What is the difference between copper mesh material brass and copper?

Red copper is a relatively pure type of copper. It can [...]
Red copper is a relatively pure type of copper. It can generally be considered as pure copper. It has good electrical conductivity and plasticity, but poor strength and hardness. Brass is a kind of copper that contains other alloy components. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. The simplest brass is a copper-zinc binary alloy, called simple brass or ordinary brass. It is cheaper than red copper, has poorer conductivity and plasticity than red copper, but has higher strength and hardness. In industry and civil use, different materials are selected according to different usage characteristics, and one cannot be generalized as to which one is better. If you want to make wires, they need to be softer, so copper is better. For connecting parts, brass is often used for screws. Copper mesh and copper wire mesh, as the names suggest, are copper mesh or plate mesh woven from high-quality copper wire or copper plates. Copper mesh material: brass wire, red copper wire, phosphor bronze wire. Copper mesh weaving and characteristics: made of flat weave or twill weave. Copper mesh uses: used to filter liquids, gases, etc. for various granular powders, porcelain clay and glassware printing. It can also be used for indoor decoration, that is, copper plate decorative mesh, or as a copper ore screen for mines.

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